“What brings me back year after year to Alliance Française is not just the chance to improve my French but to share in cultural experiences with other students. That hidden gem in the Corbières that served ‘souris d’agneau’ or a little gîte to rent on the banks of the canal du midi. Students share their holiday memories willingly. However it is really the excellent teaching that brings me back again & again. Starting in the beginners class several seasons ago  & eventually arriving in the advanced class with Mattieu at the helm. Mattieu’s class is not simply a French lesson it an experience in French culture. Also his ability to delve into ‘les  racines’ of vocabulary whether Latin or Greek is a wonder. Would I recommend AF, bien sûr!!! Alliance Française is a little slice of France in the heart of Cork city.”    Dee Coyle


”I really look forward to my weekly class at Alliance. Fun, laughter and great friendships. Teachers amazing and full of encouragement”.

Sinead Dwyer


”I have been attending  Alliance Française for a long number of years and it never fails to give first-rate teaching, encouragement and pleasure in all things French.”

Carmel O’Connor 

Leaving Certificates

“I found the yearlong course to be excellent. The classes were really worthwhile and I received excellent advice and notes on both simple and abstract topics. We also received CDs to help with understanding of every possible question which could be asked in the oral and it really improved my French. The notes on the written were excellent, covering parts of the course I didn’t do in school.”

David Gillen, CBC


“Very helpful, covered all aspects of the Leaving Cert and helped me improve a lot.”

Jack McCarthy, Colaiste an Chroí Naofa


“I found the courses really practical and useful. It gave me all the info that I would be asked in the oral plus extra phrases that add flair to my French. The mock oral was exactly like the real oral which really helped with preparation.”

Aoife Lombard, Coláiste Daibhéid


“I thought the course was excellent. I was able to get lots of practice before my Leaving Cert Orals. This made it easier for me during my real exams, as we had done so much in class already. My pronunciation really improved.”

Debola Oriade, Christ King


“The notes given for both the oral and the written exam were excellent and were very helpful in preparing for the exams and greatly benefited me.”

Elliot Foley, Colaiste Spioraid Naoimh


“I found the preparation for the oral very helpful and beneficial. The practice sessions and notes in particular improved my confidence and pronunciation.”

Daniel Reidy, CSN Bishopstown


“I found the preparation to be very useful. Without it I would not have done half as well in my exams. After the practice oral, I felt full of confidence and I felt the exam went really well.”

Robbie Roche, CSN Bishopstown


“I thought the course was excellent. The notes for the written and oral were very comprehensive and helped a great deal. Written test were a good indicator of my overall level. The practice oral was great for figuring out which areas needed improvement, and every topic was extensively covered. Advice was always given on areas of difficulty.”

Nick Williams, Ashton School


“I thought that the notes and preparation for the oral and written exams were brilliant. It assisted me immensely for my exam preparation and probably improved my grade dramatically. Assistance given was great.”

William Mitten, Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh


“I found the preparation for the oral and the written was extremely helpful. The notes that I was given were excellent. The CDs were hugely beneficial also. Preparation for the exam overall was brilliant.”

Ellen Scannell, Regina Mundi College


“The course was very, very good. We got loads of homework, which was always corrected straight away. We received notes on so many topics. We were given loads of good phrases to learn. The CD booklet for the oral was brilliant. It was a hands-on, practical way of studying for the oral. I feel confident going into my exams.”

Nicole Ní Laachdha, St Aloysius College


“The course was very well done. I learned a lot. The CD is a brilliant idea!! The sheets/notes were easy to understand and learn. They were presented very clearly.”

Aoife Ivers, St Aloysius, Carrigtwohill


“The course was very, very helpful. It was very thorough and helped me a great deal. All of the areas that came up in my oral exam had been covered. All possible topics were covered for the written paper and it gave me great confidence to be able to answer any question that came up. When starting the preparation using the CD and notes I thought that some questions would never come up but I soon found out that all the questions were very useful. Everything was perfect.”

Jack Murphy, Colaiste an Sprioarid Naoimh


“The course was very good,very well organised. There was a nice vibe throughout the class and a positive atmosphere as the year progresses. I received many notes which were really relevant and helped me very much during the year, and will help me in the upcoming exam. The corrections provided for the written work were also very helpful. The CD for the oral was top-notch and all areas were well covered with a lot of help given for my document. Sound teacher. ‘A truly wonderful grind experience!’ “

Stephen Walsh, Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh


“The oral classes offered by Alliance Francaise were an excellent way to become familiar with the language and to be comfortable with the fluency of the language. We learnt through speaking to each other openly like true native speakers. The course enabled us to be comfortable with casual speaking and engaging with others as if we were in France.”

Aoife Brady


“I found the course very helpful. We were given a wide variety of vocab and topics for Question 1, and the other written questions in the exam. The worksheets helped a lot. The oral was covered really well. I liked the way our tutor made us read out our preparations and corrected our pronunciation mistakes. The CD was very helpful and the notes covered everything necessary for the exam. I felt really prepared.”

Stephanie Barry, Christ King


“The course was great. Learned loads, notes were clear and concise, sample essays were very helpful.”

Ellen O’Reilly, Colaiste An Piarsaigh


“I thought the course was great. Every topic imaginable was covered. I feel prepared for any type of question that may arise in the Leaving Cert.”

Eimear Murphy, Colaiste Choilm


“The course was brilliant. The notes were great. Far better than studying pages of school notes every night. The preparation was excellent and brings confidence for the exam.”

Brian O’Donoghue, Gaelcholaiste Choilm


“The course notes were really helpful, especially on grammar. The handouts on opinion pieces were really rich in varied vocab and idioms too, which really helped me improve. I found the CD for the oral to be the best thing. It really helped me to study in a different way. I could upload it on my iPod and listen to it anywhere. My pronunciation really improved. Overall very beneficial.”

Aoife Quane, Gaelcholaiste Choilm


“I was really happy with the course. I thought the notes were useful and a great help to me. I thought the idea of having a CD was a very good idea. My French listening and oral really improved.”

Sarah Cahalane, St Angela’s


“I thought the notes given during the course were extremely helpful. They were also very useful for the written exam, as they had a lot of useful vocab. I felt the notes given covered every possible question in my oral exam.”

Eimear Murphy, Gaelcholaiste Choilm


“Everything was excellent. The course was very helpful and the notes given were excellent and provided a lot of vocabulary to help in the oral exam. Everything was covered in the class.”

Davina O’Brien, Colaiste Muire


A number of our Leaving Cert students asked to remain anonymous:

“The preparation was all good. Definitely brought up the standard of my oral. Better than what we did at school. I liked the CD also. Would recommend this course.”

“I thought the preparation was excellent, to be honest it was the AF notes that helped me far more than other books or notes. Help with the document was extremely useful. The tutor corrected my work over email, which really helped because I could print the notes! I think I gained 2-3 grades because of AF’s thorough preparation.”