5 Reasons to Visit France
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5 Reasons to Visit France

France is one of the most popular countries of the world, as such it sees millions if not hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It’s a hub for art, fine dining and the best of all has the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Here are 5 reasons why we love France:

Emphasis on Beauty:

Everywhere you go in France, you will see that there is beauty in everything you see. Beautiful, colorful and delicious sit in store front windows captivating the eye and watering the mouth. Colorful and fragrant flowers adorn tables, flower shops and vases. Multi-color soaps, fragrant scents and much more are spread over the streets of France. These are just small examples of what you see when you visit France. Everywhere you see, there is attention to beauty and France certainly regards it highly.

The Language:

French is one of the sweetest languages of the world. Even when you hear a word, it has a certain effect on you and you will crave to hear more and more of the language. It is also considered to be the language of love. Go ahead and Google something spoken in French, you will know of what I speak.


I will admit that this addition to our list may seem cliché to some, but I assure it is anything but. As mentioned before, Paris is one of the most popular cities in the world and it is also considered to be the most romantic cities in the world. Take a walk around town on the cobbled roads and the historic streets of the place, you will find small cafes with couples sitting together enjoying local cuisine with each other. And of course there is the Eifel Tower which more than enough reason to visit France alone.

French Wine:

France is also well known for making premium wine. French wine is indeed the benchmark for the best quality wines of the world. There are hundreds of vineyards scattered along the country, all growing the best quality ingredients and making the most premium of wines. You can visit some of these yourself and observe the process yourself. You will also be able to sample some of this wine yourself, moreover these wines are available at restaurants all over the country. You can enjoy fine French cuisine along with some local fine French wine as you experience France.

Rich in History:

If you have a thing for history then you will absolutely love France. The country is rich in it, from the Hundred Years’ War to the French Revolution to the World War 2. There are plenty of historical locations and museums for you to explore. History comes to life in France, whether you’re taking a walk around the medieval streets of Marseille or visiting Napoleon’s grave in Paris or gazing upon the marvel that is the Palace of Versailles. There are tons of exploring opportunities for you and you will get lost as you turn the pages of history back.

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