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Alliance Française de Cork
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Who are our partners

  • Sponsors:
     Cork French Film Festival is Alliance Française de Cork’s main annual cultural event, and it is supported by numerous organisations, local and international businesses. We thank all our sponsors most sincerely for their continuous generous support!
  • French Government & Institutions:
    French Government and other institutions support the Alliance Française newtork in its many endeavours.
  • Alliances Françaises:
    Alliance Française is a worldwide network of 1,000 Alliances in over 135 countries, all working towards the same aims and objectives to promote the French language and culture, as well as nurture friendly bonds between, in our case, Ireland and France.

How to become a sponsor

If you wish to support or sponsor any of our cultural activities, in particular, our Cork French Film Festival, we shall be delighted  to meet with you to discuss your potential involvement please get in touch.