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Full Circle

An exhibition by Cork artist

Dermot Browne 

19th May – 15th July 2016

Full Circle reviews Browne’s paintings spanning almost 20 years since his first solo exhibition at the A.F. in Cork.

Browne’s earlier interest in painterly figuration passed through a long period of interest in modernist abstraction,
which has now begun to return to a mixed use of language; blending both figurative and abstract elements together in a more personal and resolved style.

These early linear, “networked” paintings in retrospect seem to have come out of a youth filled observing his Father’s intricate work in electronics and T.V. repair. In more recent years this internal networking has expanded outwards in an exploration of how the works can interrelate in various external exhibition spaces.

“Basic elements of colour and form always seems to be central in my work, and I think that I never escaped from my early exposure to the works of French painter Robert Delaunay”

50% of the proceeds  will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Admission free – all welcome!

Dermot Browne_2Dermot Browne’s art-work reflects his position that art in our times remains an open inquiry or a search for the right form. This is as much reflected in his own life as in the changing forms in his works; with periods spent either living or working in Holland, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, India.

When at home Browne resides in Cork, and has a strong parallel presence in the area of Wellness, practising Meditation, Aikido, Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga. This interest in Asian Arts has  always been an underlying theme or influence on his art, in particular the Buddhist philosophy of Interdependent existence.

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