What services does AFCork offer?

French, Irish and English language classes: group tuition, individual tuition, in-house training, examination centre, French in primary and secondary schools, specialist French (tourism, business, law, etc.).

French translation services.

Year-long cultural  programme: annual Cork French Film Festival, monthly exhibitions in our gallery, talks, conferences, and other events throughout the year many of which are free of charge.

Resource centre: large DVD collection of French films/animation, French periodicals, children’s corner, books.

Study area.


Who can join a course at AFCork?

We cater for all ages from 2 years onwards.


What levels does AFCork cater for?

We cater for all levels – preschool, primary, secondary, third level, beginners to proficiency.


How do I choose my level?

Primary school children, doing French for the first time, join our Children Year 1 programme and then progress to other class levels.

Second level students  choose the level appropriate to the one they are doing at school, e.g. Junior Cert students join our Junior Cert programme.

Adults, starting our classes for the first time, are advised to do a brief informal assessment through our online written assessment (click here to do the written assessment) and/or oral assessment if you have studied French before. If, however, you are a complete beginner, you do not need a level  assessment.


Can I change my level once the course has started?

Yes, within the first two weeks of term. However, once this period has lapsed, for the comfort of all participants, it is not possible to change levels/classes.


Can I enrol on a course once it has started?

Yes, we take enrolments for the first two weeks of our courses. However, once this period has lapsed, for the comfort of all participants, it is not possible to join a course.


When do courses take place?

We have three terms a year – autumn term, spring term and summer term.

We offer a selection of:

  • morning and evening times for adult group tuition.
  • afternoon and Saturday times for  2nd level and children.

Individual tuition can be arranged at any time during the office hours, subject to tutor availability.


Are AFCork tutors native speakers?

Yes, all our tutors are native speakers, qualified to teach French as a foreign language and experienced in preparing students for second level, third level and other exams.

All our Irish tutors are native speakers qualified and experienced to prepare students for Junior and Leaving Cert Exams.

Read more about our staff  here


What size are AFCork classes?

Optimum student to tutor ratio, comfortably sized classes.

Toddler: 8 children max (accompanied by an adult)

Children: 6 -12 students

Teens: 6 -12 students

Adults:  6 -12 students on average


 I want to be fluent in French, how long will it take?

If you are an adult and a total beginner, CEFR (Common European Framework for Languages) recommends between 100-120 hours of French to attain an A1 level (a pre-Intermediate level on our scale). If you want to become a totally independent speaker the European standard is B2 level (Advanced on AFCork scale), amounting to around 500-600 hours of French.

We have many students who have progressed from being a total beginner to Higher advanced level of AFCork scale, have taken DELF/DALF exams and are now fluent and confident in using French in professional as well as everyday situations.

Is there a certificate issued once I have completed a term?

Each adult student receives a Passport de langue, which is signed and stamped at the completion of each level, which allows you to keep track of you progress.

We also provide attendance certificates on request.


Is there a possibility of sitting internationally recognised exams at AFCork?

We are a certified centre for a variety of different diplomas and certificates, which students can avail of if they wish to have an internationally recognised certification of their level.

We provide specialist and general tuition and can cater for a variety of learning objectives.

More information here

What happens if I miss a class?

Class notes and other details can be provided by e-mail or by post by the administrative staff.

If you have any further queries, call or e-mail us.