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Academic Year 2016-17

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Leaving Cert Academic Year programme

French Leaving Cert Academic Year 16-17


Bookings for this course are now closed. If you are interested in joining get in touch with us at 021 4310677 or

DATES: 12 September 2016 – 20 May 2017

AUTUMN MID-TERM BREAK: Monday 31 October – 6 November 2016 inclusive (classes will be held on Saturday 29 October).

CHRISTMAS BREAK: Monday 19 December 2016 – 8 January 2017 inclusive (classes will be held Saturday 17 December)

SPRING MID-TERM BREAK: Monday 20 February – 26 February 2017 inclusive (classes will be held Saturday 18 February)

EASTER BREAK: Monday 10 April – 23 April 2017 inclusive (classes will be held Saturday 8 April)


  • 1.5 hours per week over 29 weeks
  • Your course fee also covers all of the following at no extra cost:
    • 45 minute extra listening comprehension practice sessions every second week conveniently scheduled before and after classes ( €150 value)
    •  2 X 2-hour mid-term oral practice group workshops (€50 value)
    • mock oral ( €30 value )
    • mock written (€50 value )
    • regular class tests
    • term reports
    • after-school study base – dedicated rooms are available to our JC, 5th year & LC students Monday to Thursday afternoons until 5.30pm (subject to booking) (160 value per annum)
    • online contact
    • teachers available on request to meet students, parents/guardians concerning each student’s progress

No gimmicks, just French.

When you come to AF you are immersed in the language. 

Our learning-environment is stimulating and quality-centred while calm, focussed and distraction-free. 

COURSE FEES:  €580 or €550 with early-booking discount before 3 September 2016

We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card or debit card. Card payments can be accepted over the phone. You can also book your course online.

TIMES: Saturday 11.30 – 13.00 or Wednesday 14.30-16.00

Extra listening comprehension: Saturday 10.45 – 11.30 or Wednesday 13.45 – 14.30*

*(every second Saturday and Wednesday commencing week of the 21st of September 2015)

For details on Irish Leaving Cert Exam preparation programme CLICK HERE

Yearlong Leaving Cert Programme Details

Choose French – the smart choice for Leaving Cert

The key to learning any language is sustained, incremental study and practice. During this critical year, students have many competing priorities and have to carefully organise their study-time in a variety of different subjects.

While there is no magic formula, French can, in fact, be an easily managed, efficient subject choice. French doesn’t require ‘hours’ of study every evening, once you understand how to approach your learning. Another advantage in choosing French is that, unlike many other subjects, your preparation in one area of the exam enhances your ability to tackle other sections.

Our 29-week course is specially devised with this in mind. We provide students with a comprehensive and detailed approach to exam preparation; complementing and developing on students’ school work over the course of the year.

Because the exam is based on the criteria set by the state curriculum, our course material is necessarily in line with these requirements. Oral and written expression, aural and reading comprehensions are covered in our 1.5 hour classes throughout the year.

We also provide extra 45-minute listening comprehension practice sessions every second week. As this can be a time-consuming inclusion in your classes in school, it is sometimes neglected: our structured exercise sessions, scheduled just before or after your main class, give you the opportunity to practise and improve your listening skills, without taking up huge amounts of your valuable time.

We drill students in the grammar essentials, as well as in a wide range of concrete and abstract vocabulary. We enable them to understand and use correct syntax (how sentences are structured, how they differ from English sentences, and how to avoid common pitfalls).

Most importantly, we train students to adapt their knowledge for a variety of different questions: increasingly, the written exam questions require students to think outside the box, in order that they avoid reproducing learnt-off responses. While this can be daunting, there are simple but effective ways to avoid slipping into the rote-learning trap, while showing your knowledge to its best advantage. We give students the tools to understand quickly the nuances of the questions, to work their knowledge accordingly, and to express themselves effectively.

Throughout the year, AF students also receive specific examinations in oral and written. During mid-term we give special workshops for our students in oral expression.

Choose French – Choose Alliance Française de Cork


  • Our method works – 80% or our students receive a B grade or higher, between 40 and 50% of these receive A grades.
  • Our classes are reasonably costed, with no hidden costs involved.
  • We offer a range of payment options including online booking.
  • Our approach is hands-on and student-centred.
  • We speak to each parent/guardian and student prior to enrolling to discuss each student’s learning needs.
  • We are happy to answer all your questions in-depth, prior to your registration.

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Bookings for this course are now closed. If you are interested in joining get in touch with us at 021 4310677 or

Price: €580

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Leaving Cert Academic Year
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