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By |March 6th, 2013|Previous Exhibition|

an exhibition by French artist Julia Fabry 12th March – 5th of April 2013 “This work approaches reality in multiple dimensions. Instantaneous moments of life are captured on camera and superimposed with engraved images or text which elicit new meanings and associations.  […]

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‘Les écritures’ by Françoise Rio

By |June 29th, 2012|Previous Exhibition|

 4th – 26th October 2012 For this exhibition I drew inspiration from my sketches and research done throughout the years since my art studies – there are drawings of Brazil, Tahiti, India, Oxford … places where I used to live, as well as books and museums I researched …  Françoise Rio […]

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‘Beneath Shadow and Reason’ by Derick Hegarty

By |June 26th, 2012|News, Previous Exhibition|

6th  – 29th September 2012 Derick Hegarty won AFCork exhibition prize at EXXIT, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design  Degree Exhibition 2012 My painting is not politically aware nor does it have a social conscience which is the expectation from much art today. Instead it is rather introspective. It takes elements from the physical world and brings it to a place of imagination and personal experience. Like the expressionists I seek to express emotion more so than physical reality. […]

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John Minihan Photographs

By |May 8th, 2012|Previous Exhibition|

Exhibition extended until Thursday 19th July 2012 Admission free- all welcome! Video – John Minihan speaks about his life and work The process of selection for an exhibition of Black and white photographs is very important, it’s the photographers role to edit and select the images in composition and content.  The picture isolated within the frame will have captions written at the bottom of the image signed and editioned by the artist.  It’s important to keep the viewer engaged, by making the show interesting.  I have always been interested in photography’s role in literature with my portrait of Samuel Beckett pictured […]

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The Forest – A Living Community

By |January 28th, 2012|Previous Exhibition|

Exhibition produced by the GoodPlanet and supported by French Embassy in Ireland. 16th April  – 26th May 2012 Language: French Forests are the milieu on earth with the highest number of forms of life and species. Forests play an essential role in water, carbon and oxygen cycles. They contribute to creating, enhancing and protecting soils. Hundreds of millions of people’s livelihoods depend on  forests. They are also the source of a large part of our medicines. […]

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Returning by Georgia Hopkins

By |October 22nd, 2011|Previous Exhibition|

Exhibition extended until 14th January 2012 “Returning” is an exhibition of works by local artist Georgia Hopkins. The paintings are atmospheric seascapes and landscapes inspired by the natural beauty of Cork and West Kerry. ‘Christmas Special Offer – BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE! Offer applies to ALL paintings and prints in the exhibition, so why not consider an original work or a signed, limited edition print for a special Christmas gift to last a lifetime…  – Offer applies from 5th December – 17th December, 2011 (Please note: a percentage of proceeds from this exhibition will be donated to local animal charities: Cat Action Trust, Dog Action Welfare Group, & The Donkey Sanctuary.) For examples of Georgia’s work, please visit her website on: […]

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‘Layers’ – an exhibition by Diane Peters

By |August 16th, 2011|Previous Exhibition|

8th Sept — 14th Oct 2011 at the Alliance Française de Cork gallery My work has always been inspired by water, and in particular, by the sea, however not in a strictly representational sense. What I try to convey are my own personal responses to what I am seeing, hearing and feeling. […]

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‘The Dancing Faun’ by Georgina Sutton

By |August 4th, 2011|News, Previous Exhibition|

21st October – 19th November 2011 The title of this exhibition is taken from the name of one of my paintings which was inspired by the sighting of a joyful bronze figure, of a dancing Faun in the Luxemburg garden in Paris, early one morning not long ago. Many of my paintings and etchings are taken from ideas gleaned whilst travelling and also from scenes in everyday life. […]

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Explorer l’univers…nos prochains pas

By |July 22nd, 2011|Previous Exhibition|

An exhibition of posters supported by French Embassy in Ireland 19th July-2nd September 2011 From ancient times until now, man has observed the sky, first with the naked eye, and then with ever more powerful instruments. The information gathered was used to build an increasingly accurate and complex representation of our Universe. The classification of stars paved the way for the study of their evolution; astronomy was replaced by astrophysics and cosmology. The current instruments result from international collaborations; cooperation among researchers on key issues will lead to investigations into the formation and dynamics of the Universe. The present exhibition illustrates some of these possibilities. […]

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Gallimard , Un siècle d’édition 1911 – 2011

By |May 19th, 2011|Previous Exhibition|

An exhibition of posters, supported by Institut Franҫais 15th May— 15th July 2011 To celebrate the centenary of the creation of Gallimard publishing house (Editions Gallimard), we invite visitors to go back over one century of intellectual history, disclosing the path of one of the most famous and enigmatic French publishing houses. Gide, Claudel, Aragon, Breton, Malraux, Joyce, Faulkner, Saint-Exupéry, Michaux, Sartre, Queneau, Ionesco, Pinter, Camus, Yourcenar, Duras, Kerouac, Modiano, Le Clézio, Kundera, Tournier… no doubt that the large number of authors whose works have been published by the Editions Gallimard would enable to trace the history of literature and ideas in the 20th century. […]

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