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Bon Voyage

an exhibition by artist Gana Roberts 6 April – 3 May 2017 Bon Voyage is an enquiry into the interaction of contingency and freewill in the shaping of identity. The video presentation reflects on a self’s tumbling journey in a world devoid of stable reference. This enquiry segues into a more collective mode, and looks […]

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Replanting the Blue Snail Garden at AFCork

Replanting the Blue Snail Garden

an exhibition by Canadian artist Heidi Etsell 26th October– 16th December 2016 In 2011, Heidi began planting what she calls the Blue Snail Garden: a place with imagination for soil and where stories, drawings, paintings and decorative objects grow in abundance. In 2016, Heidi ‘washed up’ on the shore of Ireland after a failed attempt to move […]

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Edge of Place by Pascal Ungerer

Edge of Place

an exhibition by Cork artist Pascal Ungerer 15th September – 14th October 2016 Edge of Place is lens-based audiovisual installation of work, by photographer and artist Pascal Ungerer. The work examines the geo-political landscape of some of the borderland regions within Europe. Borders form an intersection between society and place and are demonstrative of how people define space in […]

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Full Circle

An exhibition by Cork artist Dermot Browne  19th May – 15th July 2016 Full Circle reviews Browne’s paintings spanning almost 20 years since his first solo exhibition at the A.F. in Cork. Browne’s earlier interest in painterly figuration passed through a long period of interest in modernist abstraction, which has now begun to return to […]

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Culinary Journey with Le Cordon Bleu

The world’s leading Culinary Arts, Wine and Management school have been committed to providing the most prestigious culinary education for over 120 years

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an exhibition by Welsh artist Hazel Ramsey 10th December 2015 – 30th January 2016 Hazel Ramsay combines the use of contemporary and traditional media, such as digital photography and embroidery, to explore how political activist and 19th century designer William Morris used the past as an approach to create a utopian vision of society through arts and crafts. […]

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an exhibition by Irish artist Alan Carey 29th October – 27th November 2015 This exhibition focuses on individual flowers given with the intent of conveying a message. Although the specific message may be forgotten, each flower is saved and serves a reminder of the kindness of the thought. Often just a throw away gesture, they are not […]

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Forward – Hereafter

an exhibition by Cork artist Dearbhla Coffey 17th September – 9th October 2015 Dearbhla Coffey’s work is a deconstruction of a new “theory of everything” called Biocentrism by the scientist Robert Lanza. Through Printmaking, Dearbhla Coffey’s art takes a geometric and expressive abstraction approach. Therefore the imagery is a personal representation of what we cannot see. Admission […]

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An exhibition by artist Colin O’Connor 18th June – 12th July 2015 mesh. is an exhibition of Combined Materials by Irish artist Colin O’Connor. Working from his West Cork studio, Colin O’Connor creates patterned works that represent personal memories. The exhibition mesh. will combine these works along side a new series of table sculptures. Admission free, […]

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Hang Up

An exhibition of drawings by Irish artist Sinéad O’Neill 28th May – 14th June 2015 Hang Up is an exhibition exploring the power and beauty of hair.  Frequently viewed as one’s ‘crowning glory’, beautiful hair can provide security whilst simultaneously creating insecurity. This work is exploring the aesthetic of hair, as a symbol of one’s […]

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