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Breathe in Breathe out

An exhibition of printmaking and sculpture by French artist

Aude Dimofski-Gottmann

12th December 2014 – 25th January 2015

The exhibition Breathe in Breathe out emerged through the artist’s exploration about perception and how we forget in contemporary society to breathe: inhale, exhale.

The work explores the feelings of claustrophobia, using a combination of imagery relating to open spaces and interior organs. The fact that the work is partially obscured creates a feeling of unease, and also refers to the psychological prisons, in which I find myself trapped by society, or imprisoned by myself.

The symbolism of tower structure echoes this feeling. In my  work, the Tower represents self-imposed limitations which restrict liberty and curtail the imagination.

We asked the artist to tell us more about her work, inspiration and the place of art in today’s society.  Read the interview here: Interview Aude Dimofski Gottmann

Admission free – all welcome!

Aude Dimofski Gottmann is a French artist based in Cork. She studied fine art photography in Lyon with Dominique Sudre, a master in 19th century photography processes. She recently graduated from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design with a Honour Degree in Fine Art and has been awarded a 12 months Bursary Award from  Cork Printmakers. Aude’s work combines photography, printmaking  sculpture and installations.


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