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reasons to visit France

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tours in France

Modern, green, trendy, cultural and historical – you can never get bored in Tours. Born and raised in Tours, I could easily lose all sense of objectivity when it comes to describing my hometown. However, a quick glance into what the many wonders the city has to offer will prove me right: Tours is an amazing place […]

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cork french classes

Amazing French Words We Use Every Day

French is an absolutely beautiful language. It has been able to captivate people since centuries mainly because of its structure and the influence it has over multiple languages especially English. A staggering fact tells us that nearly 29% of words in English are from the French language which is also one of the highest spoken […]

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Interesting Facts France Cork Classes

Ten Interesting Facts about France

From the world’s most popular tourist destination to the Europe’s Highest mountains. Here are ten staggering facts about France:France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. Statistics indicate that nearly $82.6 million tourists visited the country in 2016.France is a leader in food preservation as it was the first country that actually banned supermarkets from […]

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Learn French Cork Classes

10 Good Reasons to learn French

France is the land of wine, fine dining and love. The country is rich in culture and history with millions visiting the country every year. The language, French, is among one of the most popular languages in the world and today, let’s discuss why we should learn it:Global languageIt is a language that has speakers […]

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Visit France Cork Classes

5 Reasons to Visit France

France is one of the most popular countries of the world, as such it sees millions if not hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. It’s a hub for art, fine dining and the best of all has the most romantic city in the world, Paris. Here are 5 reasons why we love France:Emphasis on […]

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French Culture Cork Classes

5 Great Things about French Culture

There are literally hundreds of movies that depict France as somewhat mystical. It’s a combination of artistry, enigma and culture and it lives on every street of the amazing country. Unlike other cultures, the French culture is somewhat more diverse and is present in everything of the country. Starting from the food & music to […]

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sandrine bonnaire

Are you excited about the 2018 Cork French Film Festival?

The 29th Cork French Film Festival brings you a sensational programme with a strong emphasis on contemporary French Cinema, dynamic directing, a wealth of new releases, and a host of up and coming new names from France.Cork French Film Festival is especially honoured and privileged to welcome Sandrine Bonnaire, internationally acclaimed French actress to present […]

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Dining in Paris with a Twist

Dining in Paris with a Twist

After all those visits to quirky shopping locations HERE or unusual cultural outings HERE, you will certainly want to take a well deserved break. It is often difficult to choose from the huge variety of restaurants and cafés in Paris. And because you don’t want to end up in the same bistrot or brasserie as everyone else, we picked four […]

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Quirky Cultural Outings in Paris

Enter your text here…We continue our series of ‘Quirky Things to Do in Paris’. The first one was about shopping, since that’s what many visitors love doing in the capital of fashion. If you haven’t read it yet, click HERE. If you are a culture buff then this one is for you… From museums to art galleries, there […]

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Quirky Shopping France

Quirky Shopping Experience in Paris

Of course, everyone visiting Paris expects to see the Tour Eiffel, Montmartre, Notre Dame, and doing good shopping out there!… However, France/Paris has so much more to offer. Today, we start a series of 3 blog posts helping you to discover quirky and hidden places in the French capital. First up on the list – shopping, bien sûr! The fashionable capital […]

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