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10 Expressions you'll hear in Paris by AFCork

10 Expressions You’ll Hear In Paris

Ah, Paris...The city of lights, love and art...

We all know it as a wonderful destination for a romantic city break...

...but what about Parisians themselves?

The city dwellers don’t exactly have a reputation for being the friendliest or most welcoming of people. However, what if you could use some typical Parisian expressions to win them over?

We’ve put together some useful phrases (along with their explanations) that you’ll only hear in the French capital.

 1.      "On va en terrasse !" Let’s go sit on the terrace!

As soon as the sun comes out, Parisians head straight for the terrace of the bar.  Make sure to arrive early to enjoy a sunny view of the city with those in the know.

 2. "Tu ne paies que 850 euros pour 20 m2... Tu as trouvé LE plan en or !"

You only pay €850 a month? You got yourself a great deal!

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a decent apartment in Paris. You’ll certainly use this sentence in any conversation about house-hunting, especially if you've been lucky enough to find “affordable” accommodation.

 3. "Tu ne m’emmèneras jamais sur les Champs Élysées. Plutôt mourir, c'est trop ringard."

You’ll never get me to go to the Champs Élysées. I’d rather die; it’s so passé.

Although the Champs Élysées is a must-see for most tourists, it is not high on Parisians’ list of top attractions. Say this and earn yourself some serious street cred with the stylish natives.

 4. "Ils sont insupportables ces touristes !" - I can’t bear those tourists!

Paris is one of the most visited places in the world. No wonder Parisians can’t bear the sight of tourists strolling around their city! Of course, they never stand the right way in the escalators, they don’t walk fast enough, they randomly stop to take photos… Come on, move along, it’s just the Eiffel Tower, you’ve seen pictures of it before!


5. "Je suis over-bookée cette semaine. On peut se voir dimanche dans 15 jours si tu veux".

I am overwhelmed this week. We can meet Sunday in two weeks if you’d like.

As in any great capital, life in Paris never stops. When you become a Parisian you can barely find time to breathe.

 6. "Août c'est quand même le meilleur mois à Paris. Tous les parisiens partent en vacances".

“August is the best month to be in Paris. All the Parisians are gone on holidays!”

August is known to be a quiet month in Paris, and thus the best time to visit the city. Most Parisians are on holidays, leaving the city in this unusual peaceful state. You thus won’t meet any angry and busy Parisian in a rush, jostling the tourists as they are running to get the RER on time. August in Paris will offer you a calm and warm atmosphere.

Cork Airport - destination PARIS

7. "8 euros la pinte ? C'est rien, il va devenir mon QG, ce bar !"

Only €8 for a pint? I’m definitely making this bar my local!

Paris can be pretty costly, especially for eating and drinking out. Strange as it might seem, paying €8 for a pint would be considered as nabbing a bargain in the capital city. Don’t forget your bank card!

 8. " J'en peux plus de Paris, je partirai bien un an en Australie".

I’m so sick of Paris, I’d love to go to Australia for a year.

It might be one of the most wonderful cities in the world, but even Parisians can grow weary of the hustle and bustle in their capital. It’s exhausting to live in a busy city, so it’s understandable that they might dream of escaping to the wide open spaces of Australia.

 9. "Le scandale ! Je dois attendre 4 minutes pour le prochain métro. Je vais être en retard"

I have to wait 4 minutes for the next metro? That’s scandalous! I’m going to be late!

Since they are used to efficient and rapid public transport, having to wait a second longer than necessary can really grate on a Parisian’s nerves. Try living in Cork city for a few weeks!

 10. "Paris, c'est vraiment la plus belle ville du monde". 

“Paris really is the most beautiful city in the world.”

Ah, Paris, Paris! Considered as the heart of France for many tourists, and seen as the most beautiful city in the world for its inhabitants. Whether you agree or not, there’s definitely something about Paris….


With our short guide you should now be equipped for a well-deserved break in the French capital.

Ready to surprise the locals with your incredible insider knowledge?

Alors, qu’est que vous attendez, what are you waiting for? Get booking your trip!


AUTHORS:  Anousha Bonnemaison & Emma O' Dwyer

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